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EXAMEN the invite!

Updated: May 9, 2022

Welcome to "Examen" the second blog series brought to you by Called II Account, LLC that takes an intimate relational approach in encouraging readers to break free from that "thing" in life that aims to hold readers hostage.

While most of the terminology is related to general finance topics, readers will also find many rooted in God's Word for purposeful growth and development.

EXAMEN: More than Wealth - is an invitation to a journey of SELF-EXAMENATION - no pun intended on the "men" as this series is one of truth, conviction, and deliverance - for all of mankind.

We are excited about this platform and it is our hope that you not only find it useful for everyday living, but that it also challenges readers to pursuit purposeful living daily.

Stay tuned...

In Service,

Called II Account, LLC

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