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About Us

Called II Account, LLC started its’ humble beginnings as a small referral-based tax preparation service specializing in tax fraud prevention and tax abuse mitigation due to the rise in predatory practices often unknowingly experienced by innocent taxpayers. Using plain language, the goal was simple: EDUCATE! We not only educated our clients on evolving tax schemes, but we also brought clarity to many complexities found within the U.S. Tax Code. We worked effortlessly to ensure every penny was rightfully accounted for and maximized all legitimate tax savings - without charging excessive rates.


A true gift from God, Called II Account, LLC was manifested from scripture Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." My love for people and numbers go back to childhood. The provision for my life became more and more evident as I was led on an ever-evolving path in the following professions: business administration, banking and finance management, forensics accounting, public service, and regulatory compliance. Birthed from humble beginnings, Called II Account, LLC is the manifestation of a dream come true -  the genuine love I have for helping others marshal their financial affairs is truly in my DNA.

Committed to true public service, Called II Account, LLC was formed with the people in mind

And so it is today, Called II Account, LLC differs from other tax preparation services in that we truly foster an authentic passion to serve. Under the Called II Account, LLC umbrella, not only do clients learn tax code compliance and filing service etiquette, but under our new expanded service offerings, we provide solutions in bookkeeping, payroll, project management, and additional ad hoc services to meet specific client needs in areas that matter most: finances and taxes. 

 There has always been a need for ethically and morally sound business professionals who "walks the talk" when it comes to fiduciary duties within the financial services industry. And if ever there was a time for a local company to challenge the status quo by going above and beyond to serve individuals we are "called" to be in community with, now is the time!


It’s not just a name, Called II Account, LLC was created for a purpose and we are on a mission to see it through one client at a time.

The 6-Point Commitment

Meet the Owner


"What We Do"

We deliver affordable Professional Tax, Consulting, and Business services to the public


"Why We Exist"

To educate, serve, and provide peace of mind while meeting the personal and business needs of our clientele 



"Who We Strive To Be"

The premier tax and business services provider of choice


"How We Achieve Our Vision"

Employ ethical and legal practices; Utilize technology to support effective and efficient work processes; Protect personal identifiable information (PII);  Provide prompt transparent service; and optimize the client experience (attract, educate, engage, empower, retain)   



"Guiding Behavioral Principles"

Accuracy, Compassionate Committed Service, Ethically & Morally Sounded Decision-Making, Meticulous Review, Punctual, Relational, Spiritual Development, and Transparency


"Press Toward the Mark Daily"

In Word, In Deed, In Service

Believer | Wife | Mother | Daughter | Sister | Friend

Hard-Working Business Professional and Financial Enthusiast

A native of Saginaw, Michigan who never met 'a stranger'

Lover of numbers and serving others

  • Proud alumnus of: 

    • Saginaw Public Schools 

    •  Delta College with an AA in Business Administration

    • Northwood University with a dual major BBA in Banking & Finance/Management

    • Davenport University with an MBA in Forensics Accounting

Motto: "Be the change you hope to see in the world"

  • Serves on various platforms for many local and national organizations, where she is committed to uplift and support community. She has over 20 years of combined experience in accounting, banking, finance, tax compliance, insurance, and public service - and the energy to serve more!  

Notary Public, PATRIOT Advisor, 

Authorized IRS e-File Provider,

currently studying for EA Certification;


and I can't wait to serve you...."


Service Statements

You call, we deliver!   |   We're here to serve you!

Financial Integrity Matters!




R. Webb
Saginaw, MI

For many years I had a reliable and knowledgeable tax preparer who ultimately retired and left me and her other clients feeling lost. After going through multiple tax services, I was fortunate enough to be referred to Krystal Marshall. She is an absolute God-send! I appreciate that she is both knowledgeable and highly professional. And in spite of having multiple clients, she has always focused singularly on my tax needs and has given my matters her full attention. Krystal's timeliness and attention to detail is a plus! For many of us, tax time can be daunting but she has consistently provided my services with an accuracy that I highly value. It has been great being a client of Called II Account. A major benefit for me is just having the assurance that my tax needs are being handled by a person of integrity and excellence. Looking forward to experiencing many more years of Krystal's professionalism. 

~Since 2015~

T. Marshall 
Flint, MI

I love Krystal's passion for numbers - she is very knowledgeable about  business, finances, and taxes, and  she is very professional in all that she does. As a client, it is important to be in the know, Krystal takes her time to ensure I understand every detail that impacts my  personal and business endeavors, step-by-step. I appreciate that there are NEVER any hidden surprises or fees with any of her services. Krystal is always available to answer any question I may have, before or even after I have been serviced. She believes in her work and helping others and it shows. Her compassion to serve is genuine and heart felt. I always look forward to working with Krystal and recommend Called II Account for anyone's bookkeeping, taxes, and business consulting needs. But you don't have to take my word for it, give her a try, you won't be disappointed.

~Since 2016~

P. Howard 
Saginaw, MI

Ms. Marshall has been nothing but a consummate professional in assisting me with my financial matters. She is always diligent and her attention to details, including updates regarding new tax law changes, deductions and other financial  matters, has been stellar. Ms. Marshall is a highly competent young woman and I have the utmost respect and confidence in her as a business professional and woman. I would definitely recommend Ms. Marshall's business services for your needs with assistance in tax matters, social security and insurance issues. I have no doubt that anyone who does so, shall be extremely satisfied. 

~Since 2016~

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